Terms & Conditions

Booking and Paying
The booking is confirmed when the customer has paid the initial payment of 50€ or the initial payment and the final payment at the same time by the billing date. In most cases the final payment must be paid four weeks before the start of the holiday.

Cancellation must be done in writing (by a letter, an email or a fax) immediately. Cancelling the order will lead to forfeiting the initial payment.

If the cancellation is done less than 14 days before the beginning of the holiday, the whole payment will be charged. If the cancellation is made during the holiday, the payment paid by the customer will not be refunded.

If the cancellation is due to sudden illness etc (medical certificate is required), the final payment will be returned to the customer. The initial fee will not be returned.

Force Majeure
Hämeen lomatalot reserves the right to cancel the booking in a force majeure situation in which case the full amount of the payment will be refunded to the customer.

General Rules and Regulations
The keys to the holiday houses will be given to the customer at the estimated arrival time stated by customer. The house is at the disposal of the customer from the arrival day at 4pm until the departure day at noon. On weekend rentals the house is at disposal from Friday afternoon at 4pm until Sunday evening at 7pm.

The rental price includes fully equipped house including mattresses, blankets, pillows and cutlery.

The rental price doesn't include linens, towels or cleaning. You can order cleaning as an extra service for an additional fee of 100 €.

The maximum capacity stated in the house info must not be exceeded. Unauthorised use of caravans or tents at the property of the holiday house is forbidden. Pets are not allowed.

In Case of Damage or Loss of Property
The customer is liable for all the damage to the house and/or other property.